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Start your Adobe Commerce (Magento) affiliate tracking program today and experience the benefits of our feature-rich and user-friendly software. It is designed to enhance your Adobe Commerce (Magento) SEO and provide you with all the necessary tools to track your affiliates effectively.

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Our built-in integration wizard will walk you through connecting your affiliate program with Adobe Commerce (Magento).

From signup to setup, you can create your affiliate program for Adobe Commerce (Magento) in just minutes using our built-in onboarding feature. We'll walk you through the basic configuration of your affiliate program using a step-by-step process and include everything you need to get your Adobe Commerce (Magento) affiliate program up and running.

Purpose built onboarding for Adobe Commerce (Magento) users.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Built-In Onboarding

Follow the 10 configuration steps and launch your affiliate program for use with Adobe Commerce (Magento) in just minutes.

Video Tutorials

Over 40 hours of video guides at your finger tips walking you through your Adobe Commerce (Magento) affiliate software setup.

On-Page Wizard

Track your progress through the onboarding process using the built-in wizard. Getting your Adobe Commerce (Magento) affiliate tracking program launched could not be easier!

Your Adobe Commerce (Magento) Affiliate Program

Building an affiliate program for Adobe Commerce (Magento) can be easily and swiftly achieved in a matter of minutes. iDevAffiliate, a leading product for tracking affiliates, provides all the essential features needed for your program.

social media marketing for Adobe Commerce (Magento)

Social Media

Enhance your online presence through the establishment of a social media presence. Affiliates have the opportunity to utilize various platforms such as Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, to distribute and share content.

SEO services for Adobe Commerce (Magento)

Build SEO / SEM

Affiliate tracking provides several benefits, such as the chance to build a solid basis for search engine optimization (SEO). This can be done by incorporating valuable backlinks from affiliates and implementing established linking strategies that are in line with SEO guidelines and algorithms.

create more sales with Adobe Commerce (Magento)

Generate Sales!

Enhance your website's sales by attracting a larger audience. Strengthen your sales team by building a network of affiliate marketers who work under your guidance.

affiliate reports for Adobe Commerce (Magento)

Data Analytics

Gain visibility into the performance of your affiliates effortlessly through user-friendly dashboards and instant access to critical data and reports.

Affiliate Marketing Designed For Adobe Commerce (Magento)

Features and Functions Built Specifically for Adobe Commerce (Magento)

Our Adobe Commerce (Magento) affiliate tracking offers all of today's most highly sought after features.

  • Create percentage & flat-rate commissioning structures.
  • Offer coupon code commissioning to your affiliates. Great for offline / word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Allow your affiliates to recruit other affiliates using the tier system. Up to 10 tiers!
  • Create parent / child relationships between affiliates using the overrides system.
  • Enable the sub-affiliates feature to allow affiliates to manage their own network of marketers.

These are just a few of the thousands of features readily available for your affiliate program with Adobe Commerce (Magento).


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