iDevAffiliate Requirements

Minimum requirements to install and use iDevAffiliate. Met by almost every hosting provider out there.

Note: This information applies to self-hosted customers only and does not apply to cloud customers.

The self-hosted option is not for everyone. If you aren't sure, please be sure to contact us to learn if you're a candidate for the self-hosted version. If you do choose to use this version, you will install it in to your own hosting account and will also be responsible for maintaining the upgrades. We do offer installation and upgrade service for a fee. Any linux/unix or Windows web hosting account with the following software/services enabled.

  • PHP 8.1
  • MySQL 5 or higher
  • MySQL Strict Mode Disabled
  • Extension: mbstring
  • Extension: GMP (gmp_strval)
  • Extension: PDO
  • Extension: cURL
  • Extension: ionCube
  • Extension: ZipArchive

A regular/traditional hosting account is needed for use with the self-hosted version of iDevAffiliate. Wordpress based hosting accounts such as WP Engine will not be compatible.

Note: While we do have many customers using AWS, we do not currently offer official support for them as a hosting provider. It is possible to install in to an AWS account but due to the nature of the AWS server, it will be up to you to complete the installation and upgrades as needed.

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